John and Julie Gottman, two of the most experienced couples therapists in the world, have taught, published and practiced couple therapy extensively over four decades. What makes their work outstanding is the fact that they started out as researchers, not as therapists. Through their research we have come to understand the dynamics of marriage better. Their knowledge is based on the study of thousands of real couples, whom they observed and interviewed over long periods, recording and analyzing the good, the bad and the ugly of marital life. One of the findings they have been replicating time and again is that the small things (both the negative and the positive) contribute immensely to both negative and positive outcome in a partnership.

In order to make you aware of all the small changes that you can actively introduce to make you feel happier and more connected,  they have established a regular email newsletter. Twice a week, couples who sign up will receive information about the 60-seconds improvements that will help them to keep love, friendship and intimacy alive in their relationship.

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